• Does my barcode reader need to be in Application Mode or Basic Keyboard Mode?

  • I have an android device and my keyboard is missing. How do I enable it?

  • How do I connect my scanner to my Apple device in Application Mode?

  • How do I pair my Socket Mobile scanner in Application mode on my PC?

  • How do I set my Socket Mobile scanner in Application Mode (SPP mode) on Android using the onscreen barcodes in Socket Scan 10?

  • How do I clean and care for my Socket Mobile reader?

  • How do I set up my reader on my Samsung Galaxy when there is no menu button?

  • How do I mount my Charging Cradle?

  • The scanner does not scan the whole barcode when we are scanning in the Safari, Chrome or Firefox web browser. Is there something wrong with my scanner?

  • What affects my scanning speed?

  • My reader is getting hot.

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