For faster reader set-up, we recommend using Socket Mobile's Companion App.

Companion App 


  • My reader isn’t found when I try and pair it in Companion.

  • Reader scans perfectly into my tablet-based POS application but not into a web-based inventory management application.

  • My host device cannot find the SocketScan S370.

How To

  • How do I reset my barcode reader?

  • How do I pair a barcode reader to my Apple Mac device?

  • I have an Apple device and my keyboard is missing. How do I enable it?

  • I have an android device and my keyboard is missing. How do I enable it?

  • How do I connect my scanner to my Apple device in Application Mode?

  • How do I pair my Socket Mobile reader in Basic Keyboard Mode (HID)?

  • How do I set up my reader on my Samsung Galaxy when there is no menu button?

  • How do I pair my SocketScan S370 to my host device?

  • How do I reset my SocketScan S370?

  • How do I scan into the Stocky application?


  • What is the default connection mode for my barcode reader?

  • Does my barcode reader need to be in Application Mode or Basic Keyboard Mode?

  • Can I use my reader in Application Mode with applications such as MS Excel, MS Word, Notes, Google Docs, or in a web browser text field?

  • Should I configure my scanner to Application Mode?

  • Do I need to pair the SocketScan S370 as two different readers?

  • What keyboard languages are available?

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