Japanese Postal

Japan Postal was created for the Japanese Postal system to encode addresses.

How to scan 1D and 2D barcodes (EN)

Japan Postal Overview


Japan Postal is supported by default on all Socket Mobile barcode scanners. You can enable or disable this symbology on your Socket Mobile scanner simply by scanning the codes below.  Note: Scanner must be in a disconnected state before scanning the command barcode.

Enable Japan Postal by scanning the barcode below*:

Enable Japan Postal

Disable Japan Postal by scanning the barcode below*:

Disable Japan Postal

See full data reader programming guides  for more info and troubleshooting.
* D750 requires separate enable/disable command barcodes found in the D750 programming guide Opens New Window.

Products that Support Japan Postal

(This barcode is disabled by default)

Troubleshooting / FAQ

Q: What is the typical usage of Japan Postal?

A: Japan Postal

Q: Need more help?

A: Go here for additional barcode troubleshooting and FAQs.

Programming Support

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