Composite Code Overview

Composite Code is a two-dimensional barcode that combines a linear barcode (such as Code 128 or EAN/UPC) with an additional two-dimensional Composite Component, containing extra information. Commonly used in healthcare, retail, and other industries for extensive data encoding, it includes formats like CC-A, CC-B, and CC-C, each offering different capacities and error correction levels. Composite Code is often referred to as GS1 Composite Symbol or EAN/UCC Composite Code, based on the specific application.

GS1 Composite Sample Barcode


You can enable or disable this symbology on your Socket Mobile scanner simply by scanning the codes below. Note: Scanner must be in a disconnected state before scanning the command barcode.

Scan the barcodes below to enable/disable Composite A/B Code

Composite CC-A/B Enable Barcode

Composite CC-A/B Disable Barcode

Scan the barcodes below to enable/disable Composite C Code

Composite CC-C Enable Barcode

Composite CC-C Disable Barcode

data reader programming guides  for more info and troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting / FAQ

Q: What is the typical usage for Composite Code?

A: Healthcare, and pharmaceuticals as well as retail.

Q: How to remove number of characters from Composite Code?

A: App coming soon, please fill out a barcode support form.

Q: Need more help?

A: Go here for additional barcode troubleshooting and FAQs.

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