D600 Contactless Reader/Writer

Retail Solutions for POS with Loyalty Apps

Regular customers love when local shops implement reward programs. When customers earn points for every purchase they make, their favorite shops become even more regular stops thanks to rewards incentives.

Businesses distribute loyalty cards and then use a Socket Mobile scanning/reading device to implement sales tracking with returning customers.


  • Fly Buys Spin & Win Opens new site - Fly Buys is a loyalty program in New Zealand that occasionally runs promotions throughout retail stores. 

Use Case

  • D600 Contactless Reader/Writer Industry Uses: DuraScan’s handheld D600 Contactless Reader/Writer with Bluetooth® wireless technology reads from and writes data to programmatic NFC devices, RFID, NFC tags and smart cards. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. If customers hold their card to the NFC reader, they can automatically earn points for every purchase they make.
  • Universal and Linear Barcode Scanners: Socket Mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners read 1D/2D barcodes both on paper and on screen. With a wide range of durable, mobile, high-performing products, Socket Mobile has a data capture solution for every need.

Success Stories

  • Plantation Coffee: The Socket Mobile scanners allowed Plantation to implement Myer’s loyalty programs just as they hoped. Employees have no complaints because the scanners are straightforward and easy to use. The Socket Mobile scanners made the expansion of Plantation Specialty Coffee within Myer department stores possible.
  • Royal Canin: Using the Kioskio STD-SCX solution, the system supports ‘My Royal Canin’ Loyalty Card Program. The loyalty program allows customers to collect points with each Royal Canin product purchased.


  • For speed, presentation mode, and future proofing we recommend the SocketScan S740.