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Retail Solutions for Inventory

Businesses need to maintain an accurate record of their stock on hand. This informs what they can sell, and what they need to re-stock. Socket Mobile scanners facilitate inventory tracking systems by making data capture more efficient and more accurate.

Inventory spaces can be sprawling scenes of grey concrete and brown boxes, both neutral colors that tend to blend together. Fortunately for individuals operating in such spaces, SocketScan provides a vibrant selection of colors, allowing users to easily spot their tools, as well as customize their devices to match their brand.


  • Floranext Opens new site - Floranext is built by florists, for florists. Software for the independent florist and wedding & event planners.
  • PlantSoft Mobile Opens new site - This mobile application will allow Nordic garden centers to interact with selected areas of their backend- and POS-system, e.g. performing inventory counts and lookup product information.
  • Spotlight POS Opens new site- We use a bluetooth barcode scanner for product scanning on our inventory application

Use Case

  • SocketScan S700 Series Colorful Barcode Scanners: The SocketScan S700 barcode scanner is ideal for retail POS, field service, inventory management, asset tracking and more.
  • Data Capture Solution for Accident-Prone Workers: The DuraScan® 700 Series barcode scanner with Bluetooth® wireless technology is strong, durable, elegant and ergonomically designed. Its antimicrobial material and IP54-rated casing withstands drops, dirt, and water splashes for more demanding work environments, like warehouses.

Success Stories

  • Pasatiempo Golf Club: Socket Mobile’ scanners provide fast and versatile usability in the Pasatiempo Golf Club shop to scan merchandise for inventory counting. Reducing the previous amount of time required to complete the counting process by 20%. It saves employees roughly an hour of time that can now be spent completing other tasks for the job.
  • Stemple Creek Ranch: A family-owned cattle ranch in Marin, CA. They use Socket Mobile S730 barcode scanners to perform inventory and asset tracking greatly improving efficiency and enabling remote inventory review.
  • RDO Equipment Co.: This equipment dealer uses the DuraScan D750 barcode scanner in store locations across the country. With equipment spread out across multiple acres, inventory used to take days. Now, it’s four to five times faster.


  • For a fast and future-proof solution, we recommend the SocketScan S840 with a DuraCase for iPod touch.
  • For speed and future proofing, we recommend the SocketScan S840 with a DuraCase for iPhone.