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Retail Solution for POS with Duty-Free Requirements

When customers shop duty-free, they don’t want to wait around at the counter as clerks juggle devices, trying to process both payment and identification in order to apply duty-free discount. Socket Mobile’s dual barcode scanner and passport reader simplifies the old two-step, two-device process.

With just one device, on-the-go customers receive a fast purchasing experience, giving vendors more time and more potential sales.

Use Case

  • Passport Character Reading with D760: The DuraScan D760 is built strong and versatile for travel and point of sale industries. Scanning 2D/1D barcodes, travel identifications and MRZ/passports, travel merchants need only one device to scan the purchased items and the passport.
  • Passport Character Reading with S860: The SocketScan S860 is a high-performance barcode scanner and passport reader with Bluetooth® wireless technology. As one of the smallest and lightest scanners available, it is attachable to smartphones and versatile for travel. As a combination barcode scanner and passport reader, it enables one‐handed scanning of barcodes printed or on device screens, travel identifications and MRZ/passports.


  • For speed and OCR requirements we recommend the DuraScan D760 with Phone and Scanner Holder.
  • For a dedicated solution with speed and OCR requirements we recommend the SocketScan S860 with DuraCase for iPhone 6/7/8.