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Industrial & Manufacturing Solutions for Process and Quality Control

As part of a data capture and delivery solution, Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners and RFID readers can greatly improve warehouse management systems. By pairing our products with a custom application, you can facilitate real-time reflections of inventory and order status, enabling a constant connection to corporate networks.

The jobs in a warehouse are physically demanding. Coordinating the details of a business’ deliveries and stocking can be back-breaking, headache-inducing work. Socket Mobile’s scanning solutions improve efficiency and cut down on errors, helping to lighten that workload and stress just a little bit.

Use Cases

  • Laser Barcode Scanners: The D730 is a powerful laser barcode scanner perfect for places full of awkward angles, damaged barcodes, and low-light situations. Built to be durable, mobile, and high-performing, the D730 is designed to meet the highest of expectations.


  • For a durable and long distance solution, we recommend the DuraScan D730.

  • For speed and future proofing, we recommend the SocketScan S840 with a DuraCase for iPhone.