Inspectors and Audits using a barcode scanner

Industrial & Manufacturing Solutions for Inspections and Audits

Service companies uphold safety and compliance by performing regular inspections and audits to ensure the safety of building owners and residents. While occupants rely on these safety officials, these service companies rely on dependable tools, like Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners, to simplify and speed up their inspection processes.


Use Cases

  • Laser Barcode Scanners: The D730 is a powerful laser barcode scanner perfect for places full of awkward angles, damaged barcodes, and low-light situations. Built to be durable, mobile, and high-performing, the D730 is designed to meet the highest of expectations.

  • Empower the Mobile Device Workforce with DuraCase: With the 800 Series, users no longer have to juggle a phone and scanner with inspection stops. The 800 Series allows users to maintain full access of their mobile phone’s abilities while using the attachable scanner to complete their work’s duties. And with DuraCase, it’s easy to protect both devices.


  • For a durable and long distance solution, we recommend the DuraScan D730.

  • For mobility and future proofing, we recommend the SocketScan S840 with a DuraCase for iPhone.