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Commercial Service Solutions for Access Control

Socket Mobile scanners are fast, accurate and sleek. For event management and service companies, this means that with Socket Mobile products they can up their game by providing streamlined access control. Socket Mobile offers a line of smooth solutions that rapidly and accurately read ID cards, allowing users to control access to corporate databases, upload proofs of delivery, submit inspection reports and much more.

With just a point and click of a button, Socket Mobile’s barcode scanners and NFC/RFID readers reduce paperwork, clutter and human error while saving time and providing immediate access to databases.

Use Cases

  • Empower the Mobile Device Workforce with DuraCase: With the 800 Series, users no longer have to juggle a phone and scanner with inspection stops. The 800 Series allows users to maintain full access of their mobile phone’s abilities while using the attachable scanner to complete their work’s duties. And with DuraCase, it’s easy to protect both devices.

  • Universal and Linear Barcode Scanners: Socket Mobile Bluetooth barcode scanners read 1D/2D barcodes both on paper and on screen. With a wide range of durable, mobile, high-performing products, Socket Mobile has a data capture solution for every need.

Success Stories

  • BSS Business Software Solutions GMBG (BSS):  The 800 Series with the DuraCase for iPod Touch provides customers with an affordable mobile pocket device. Allowing users the freedom to walk around their warehouse (which can be very large) and sell/check inventory (without having to go back to the iPad Production Terminal to check the data), therefore saving time and making the process more efficient.