Zettle by PayPal Data Readers & Support

Explore a unique selection of Socket Mobile data readers recommended for use with Zettle by PayPal Zettle. Providing painless integration and top-notch compatibility with the Zettle platform, these barcode scanners and readers streamline daily tasks with high-performance data collection. Discover your ideal data reader and get access to additional setup and support guides.


About Zettle by PayPal

Zettle by PayPal Opens New Window offers innovative commerce tools and applications that help small businesses streamline everyday tasks. It provides an intuitive point-of-sale (POS) system, allowing businesses to efficiently process payments, manage inventory, and monitor sales metrics, whether in-store or on the go. The platform simplifies checkouts by accommodating various payment methods, streamlining product management, and offering actionable insights into sales trends and staff performance.

Zettle by PayPal recommended barcode scanners:

Trade in your 7Ci or S700

Need a 2D barcode scanner? Socket Mobile will upgrade your old 7Ci or S700 to the newly recommended S720. Use Coupon Code "PayPal Upgrade" for an additional $10 discount on top of Socket Mobile's standard trade-in rates.

Find additional products compatible with Zettle

Explore all Socket Mobile data readers (all Zettle by PayPal compatible) or find the reader best suited for your needs with the Product Selection Tool below.

Use our Selection Tool Opens Worldwide Website to find the best reader for your needs.

How to Set Up Your Barcode Scanner with Zettle by PayPal


  1. Download Socket Mobile Companion Opens New Window from the Apple App store and follow the set-up instructions within the app.
  2. Once connected, launch Zettle by PayPal on your iPhone or iPad.

Zettle has not yet added support for our barcode scanners on Android devices. We hope this is remedied soon.

Helpful Tips

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  • After Zettle is updated, restart your device to ensure robust Bluetooth connectivity with the scanner.

Need more help with Zettle?

Our support team is happy to assist.