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SocketCam™ –
Software-Based Barcode Scanners

Starting with the C820, SocketCam scanners turn any smartphone or tablet into a high-performance barcode scanner.


No External Scanning Hardware Required


Not Everyone Needs a Standalone Barcode Scanner

The C820 is ideal for customers who:

  • Are new to scanning
  • Perform small amounts of scanning
  • Do not require or are not yet ready for a separate scanning device
  • Have not yet determined that scanning will improve the efficiency of their business

The New Speed of Simplicity

Using a smartphone or tablet camera for data capture provides a new level of flexibility, speed, and simplicity to daily scanning activities. The SocketCam C820 enables user-friendly 1D/2D barcode scanning capabilities for your customers without any additional hardware, regardless of industry.

One Integration for All Your Apps

One integration with CaptureSDK acts as an insurance policy for your business, ensuring any Socket Mobile solution works seamlessly with all your apps.