Compare Socket Mobile’s Data Reader Families

Each of Socket Mobile's data reader families provides distinct advantages for optimizing daily operations and enhancing workplace productivity. Each family offers distinguished characteristics that benefit particular industries and meet different scanning requirements. Below, we've compared our data reader families to help you analyze and determine the best barcode scanner or NFC reader for your needs. 



The SocketCam family consists of camera-based scanning solutions that use the user's mobile device camera to scan 1D and 2D barcodes. SocketCam is included in CaptureSDK, so any app is scan-ready after one simple integration. This scanner serves almost any industry's primary and enhanced scanning needs.

Why Choose SocketCam

  • Always starts free. With one integration of CaptureSDK, the benefits of our free camera-based scanning solution are available at no extra cost with no licensing fees for our app partners AND their end users.
  • No external hardware required. Using SocketCam with any mobile device's readily available camera, users have access to a high-performance barcode scanner without the need to purchase expensive hardware scanners.
  • Test your scanning requirements at no cost. With SocketCam, customers have a FREE camera-based scanning option to test their data capture needs. As business grows, they can upgrade to a more enhanced version of SocketCam with faster scanning capabilities, more barcode types, and even better at scanning damaged codes or low light conditions. If the ultimate performance is required, upgrading to another family of our physical hardware scanners is seamless. No changes are required to the app to upgrade or switch between a physical scanner and SocketCam. Users can decide which level of performance is right for them at any time. 

Who It's For

  • Customers who are new to scanning.
  • Those who are performing small amounts of scanning.
  • Businesses that do not require or are not yet ready for a separate scanning device.
  • Users who have not yet determined that scanning will improve the efficiency of their business.
  • App providers that want to be able to quickly and easily test how data capture works inside their app.
  • Developers who want to code once and let their audience use whichever scanning solution they choose at any time.



The SocketScan product family consists of the ergonomic handheld S700 series, the slim and attachable S800 series, the contactless S550 for NFC reading/writing, and the versatile S300 family. This product family provides high-performance, universal barcode scanning and NFC mobile wallet reading capabilities for almost any industry and supports handheld or countertop options for an adaptable user experience.

Why Choose SocketScan

  • Product versatility for every user's needs. The SocketScan family provides functional solutions for everyday business operations, from contactless NFC technology to single-handed scanning, to attachable scanners for mobile devices.
  • Economically priced. Whether users need a basic, cost-effective scanner, or a more powerful, universal scanner, SocketScan provides a solution that is best suited for any budget.
  • Perfect for low-risk environments such as retail, education, travel & hospitality, and healthcare. 

Who It's For

  • Performance, style, and cost-conscious customers that do not want to sacrifice scanning effectiveness.
  • Customers that want versatility for retail, healthcare, hospitality, inventory management, and other mobile applications.
  • Users that would benefit from contactless tap-and-go NFC technology (available on select models.)
  • Those who want a countertop solution that can read multiple technologies:  1D Linear barcodes, 2D QR Codes, and NFC all in one device.



The DuraScan product family is specially designed for more rugged work environments and provides extra durability for those who need more protection. Consisting of handheld, attachable, and even wearable models, this family provides reliable data capture solutions for rigorous work environments. The DuraScan family is the ruggedized version of the SocketScan data readers.

Why Choose the DuraScan

  • Have confidence in the reliability of the scanner with the drop-resistant rubber casing on all models.
  • IP54 Compliant for dust and water resistance needed in more rigorous environments.
  • Versatile models ranging from handheld physical scanners to scanners that easily attach to a mobile device for an all-in-one solution.

Who It's For

  • Users looking for scanning performance and whose devices are exposed to routine risks such as dirt, water, and hard drops.
  • Customers looking for data capture solutions for logistics, commercial services, industrial, manufacturing, and other mobile business applications.



The DuraSled product family combines the DuraScan data reader with an even more rugged case that houses the scanner and the user's iPhone, iPod, or selected Samsung phone, turning it into a one-handed solution. The DuraSled integrates the phone and the scanner so both devices can be charged from a single cable or charging port. The rugged case protects phones from drop damage and provides a robust, versatile charging solution suitable for all workplace environments. Simply insert the phone into the sled, pair the scanner, and it's ready to scan.

Why Choose the DuraSled

  • Provides versatility to meet mobile users' scanning needs in a single-handed device.
  • Available cases for a variety of iPhone and Samsung models, making it easy for users to pick the correct DuraSled solutions and accessories for their phone. Even if users decide to switch to a new phone model, the core components of the scanner don't change, just the outer case. This enables users to maintain their mobile deployment investments for years.
  • Scanner can be swapped into multiple DuraSled Cases for use with different devices. No need to buy a new scanner.

Who It's For

  • Customers looking for a one-handed, all-in-one solution with the convenience of charging their phone and barcode scanner simultaneously.
  • Businesses looking for scanning performance and whose devices are exposed to routine risks such as dirt, water, and hard drops.
  • Users looking for data capture solutions for delivery services, stock counting, ticketing, and other application-driven mobile services.



The XtremeScan family combines the versatility and user-friendliness of iPhones with the ruggedness and top-of-the-line protection required for extreme work environments. Featuring military-grade iPhone cases and high-performance 1D/2D scanning options, XtremeScan includes versatile handheld solutions that withstand the rigors of industrial workplaces. With several configurable models, the XtremeScan family provides industrial options tailored to diverse scanning needs— delivering superior durability and support in the most demanding conditions.

Why Choose

  • Provides military-grade iPhone protection against accidental drops, water, dirt, dust, and more.
  • Enables the use of trusted, user-friendly iOS applications within harsh environments.
  • Integrated wireless charger eliminates any exposed electrical contacts and ensures effortless device charging.
  • Configurable solutions that adapt exactly as your workflow requires.  

Who It's For

  • Users who work in hard hat zones or environments with hard rain, dirt, or large machinery.
  • Businesses that require high-performance, industrial-grade data capture solutions and top-of-the-line device protection.
  • Those working in manufacturing, airport baggage handling, construction, oil & gas, food handling, and warehousing.
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Guaranteed compatibility.

The SocketScan and DuraScan 700s & 800s have guaranteed scanning and software compatibility. Check out our step-by-step guide to integrate into your application today.