How Small Retail Businesses Can Use Barcode Scanners

A manager begins emailing promotional coupons for her small business, sending them out to all her loyal customers via a newsletter. She’s surprised to see customers coming in with the coupons saved on their phones, rather than printed. The manager did not expect this, but few people print at home anymore, so she should have seen this coming.

Ignoring a young employee who warns, “You can’t scan a phone’s screen!” the manager gives it a try anyway.

It works! Her Socket Mobile barcode scanner reads codes off screens just as easily as paper.

The manager happily applies the customer’s discount, scanning the coupon code on the phone’s screen without any issues. She casts a grateful look at her scanner and allows an employee to take over. Socket Mobile barcode scanners have intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces, so the employee can pick up the process with no disruption, scanning the barcode on the customer’s purchase and completing the transaction.

Socket Mobile barcode scanners are great tools for POS, as well as for tasks like inventory or work order input. Whatever your small business needs, there’s a Socket Mobile barcode scanner to make your work easier, more efficient and more accurate.

Applicable Products:

  • SocketScan S700 Series: Sleek, high-performance barcode scanners. Lightweight and ergonomic, SocketScan models include options for 1D, laser, 1D/2D and MRZ scanning.
  • DuraScan D700 Series: Barcode scanners specially designed for workers in rugged conditions with unique durability requirements. Options available for 1D, laser, 1D/2D, healthcare, MRZ and more.
  • SocketScan S800 Series: Compact, thin and powerful barcode scanners. Little larger than a credit card, these scanners are attachable to your phone and come in 1D, 1D/2D and 1D/2D/MRZ models.

Applicable Industries:

  • Retail POS
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Field Sales/ Service
  • Hospitality (dining, entertainment, etc.)