Data Capture Solution for Accident-Prone Workers

The DuraScan 700 Series barcode scanners with Bluetooth® wireless technology are strong, durable, elegant and ergonomic. Their antimicrobial material and IP54-rated casing allow them to withstand drops, dirt, and water splashes—perfect for demanding work environments.

Accidents happen, especially in fast-paced, high-pressure environments. Since accidents are inevitable, it's wise to be prepared for them. This is especially true when it comes to valuable devices like barcode scanners and NFC reader/writers. For situations where drop risk is high and the cost of a broken scanner is not only that of replacement but lost productivity as well, consider the DuraScan family of devices.

All DuraScan devices are encased in tough rubber and protected by an IP54-rated material to resist splashes of dirt, water or other liquids. Perfect for hard workers. Because with hard labor comes inevitable sweat. And sweat creates slippery hands that eventually lose their grip and drop items, big or small. Good thing the DuraScan can take a wallop of a beating. Withstanding multiple 5-ft. drops onto solid concrete, the DuraScan holds its own, bouncing back with barely a scratch.

Plus, we designed the DuraScan to be as intuitive as possible, providing colorful LED lights, beeps, and vibrations that make communicating with this high-tech barcode scanner simple. No need to read a lengthy user guide or go through a numbingly long training session. Because whatever your work requires, there's always more to be done.

After a full day's work shift, the DuraScan alerts users when it needs charging by activating red LED lights. Lasting anywhere from a minimum of 9 active hours to over 30 inactive hours, the DuraScan doesn't stop working until it's time to punch out for the day.

Quality mobile scanners are an investment. And putting such an instrument at risk can be worrisome. That's why Socket Mobile created the DuraScan series – to protect investments and give both workers and managers peace of mind. Work is stressful enough without worrying about damaging the data capture equipment. Available in 1D, laser, 1D/2D, 1D/2D/MRZ, healthcare-designed models and more.

Compatible Products

  • Durable Retractable Clip A tough clip created to last long. If the job requires a tougher skin, then it probably requires a tougher clip for your scanner, too.
  • Holster - A convenient and secure resting place for Socket Mobile's barcode scanner or RFID reader. 
  • Wrist Strap - Keep your barcode scanner or RFID reader within hands-reach and enjoy the ultimate convenience in multi-tasking while keeping the device at your fingertips.

Applicable Industries

  • Warehouse/ Distribution Center
  • Shipping/ Delivery
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmacies
  • Field Sales/ Service
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking