Bee Line Courier Service and King Bee Delivery

Bee Line Courier Service and King Be Delivery Success Story

The Customer

Bee Line Courier Service and King Bee Delivery offers scheduled and on demand delivery 24/7/365 with locations in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee and Missouri. Our valued customers consist of Hospitals, Pharmaceutical and many other medical related companies. King Bee and Bee Line’s management team understands customer service and is very committed to continued growth and always makes certain our valued customers are number one.

The Challenge

  1. Because of time in service, the device we operated with often failed. This meant sending it into a repair facility. Because we have operations in 5 states with 12 hubs, we spent a lot of time getting replacement scanners back to the hub where the scanners failed. This included generating intercompany repair actions, shipping the device to Louisville, KY (Headquarters) or Cincinnati, shipping a replacement device to whatever hub sent the failed one in, filling out the manufacturer’s maintenance request, maintaining a scanner tracking log, shipping the device off to the repair facility, following up with the repair facility, receiving the scanner back, connecting the device up to our service provider, loading software, and field testing the device to ensure the repair facility actually corrected the malfunction.

  2. The device we operated with connected to the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network.  Our service provider informed us they would no-longer be supporting the CDMA network. Therefore we needed to find a replacement.

The Application

We utilize Next Stop Mobile by CXT Software. We were concerned at first because CXT did not list the Socket Mobile, 7Ci as a compatible device. However, we field tested and discovered it was compatible.

The Socket Mobile Solution:

The 7C1 is what we use currently. The 7Ci has been replaced by the S700, which we also use.

The Result

  1. The Socket Mobile scanner has improved King Bee’s productivity in terms of scanning percentage.  This is due to the scanner being reliable. The Socket Mobile scanner has allowed our management team to spend time on growth and customer service instead of managing scanner repair actions.

  2. Utilizing the Socket Mobile scanner helps reduce expenses on data plans, the old device was failing at a high rate, and we didn’t feel we needed everyone walking around with a mini computer.  We just needed a device to scan bar codes. The Socket Mobile scanner is much more efficient.

Try it free.

Test out our data reading and scanning technology for free with SocketCam. The SocketCam C820 lets you scan directly into your feature application using the camera on your mobile device, ensuring high-performance scanning without the need for an external barcode scanner.