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Casa Organic Dry Cleaners Success Story

The Customer

Casa Organic Dry Cleaners is NY’s #1 Organic Dry Cleaning and Laundry service. Unlike traditional dry cleaners, Casa uses only non-toxic substances like water, biodegradable soap, and steam. Paired with wet cleaning technology, this approach has won their business a loyal customer base.

For over 10 years Casa has been growing rapidly due to its commitment to using the best people and processes to deliver the finest product for its demanding regular customers.

The Challenge

Prior to using scanners, our employees manually entered over 200 job tickets a shift into our computer system. Many human errors occurred from entering the wrong ticket numbers and a lot of our employees’ time was wasted in the process.

The Application 

We chose to use the Sudzy Opens new site software application. Their dry-cleaning software is renowned for its quality and ease-of-use. It allows us to use scanners in the most effective ways possible.

The Socket Mobile Solution

We bought the SocketScan S700 and DuraScan D700. We use them to scan tickets into our system to retrieve and update over 200 dry cleaning orders a day. We also scan over 75 bags of laundry a day to keep track of when they are ready to deliver.

The Result 

Socket Mobile’s scanners have dramatically improved our business by decreasing the human error of manual data entry. As a result, our employees have more time to do work needed elsewhere. It has also boosted morale since no one wants to do data entry if they do not need to; the speed of our work flow has increased 200%. The combination of Socket Mobile’s reliable and accurate scanners with Sudzy’s cloud and apple-based software has helped us to become the fastest-growing dry cleaning business in New York.

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