Stemple Creek Ranch Success Story

The Customer

Stemple Creek Ranch Opens new site is a family-owned cattle ranch that raises 100% grass-fed beef and lamb in Marin County, CA. They have a diverse clientele, selling directly to customers, restaurants, butcher shops and grocery stores. With over 100 years of experience on the same ranch, Stemple Creek Ranch offers a complete customer experience. They provide peace of mind with sustainable farming practices and all-natural meats, plus succulent recipes to go along with their locally grown beef and lamb.

The Challenge

A ranch needs to track sales and products every day. With multiple pastures of cattle and sheep to maintain, it is absolutely essential for Stemple Creek Ranch to properly track their supplies and meats. They needed a proper POS system to maximize their productivity and a scanner that was compatible with their inventory system’s software.

The Socket Mobile Solution

Prior to using a scanner, Stemple Creek Ranch tracked inventory by hand. But they quickly grew out of that form of tracking as their business expanded. They needed something more advanced to maintain their inventory.

Stemple Creek Ranch selected the SocketScan S730 – a powerful laser scanner that provides extended reach and flexible scanning abilities.

“[The S730] Helps tremendously with tracking sales and inventory,” said Josh Cowden, inventory manager for Stemple Creek Ranch.

The Results

Stemple Creek Ranch selected the S730 primarily for inventory purposes. It allows them to scan their supplies to an online platform, from which they can review their inventory remotely.

 “Customer service from the Socket Mobile team has been terrific,” said Mr. Cowden, continuing, “I had minor issues with two of my handheld scanners after long-term use, and they replaced them immediately. I use the scanners daily to track meat inventory and sales. I recommend these units to anyone looking for a durable yet light weight device that syncs well with iPads and iPhones.”

Try it free.

Test out our data reading and scanning technology for free with SocketCam. The SocketCam C820 lets you scan directly into your feature application using the camera on your mobile device, ensuring high-performance scanning without the need for an external barcode scanner.