Swift Package Manager Support Added to CaptureSDK

September 28, 2022 by Cyrille Démare and Long Pan | DEV COMMUNITY UPDATES


Socket Mobile is devoted to supporting our app partners and constantly striving to provide best-in-class development tools. Our goal is to remove the complexities of integrating data capture into business applications. That's why we're excited to announce that CaptureSDK now supports Swift Package Manager!

Swift Package Manager (SPM) is iOS's native package managing solution for developers. It's a tool to manage, distribute, and integrate Swift Packages into an Xcode project for Apple developers. SPM allows developers to import libraries into their applications with ease. Aside from using CocoaPods repository for integrating CaptureSDK, Socket Mobile developers now have another dependency manager to integrate with their CaptureSDK package.

The added support for Swift Package Manager will positively impact development processes for Apple developers. SPM is fully integrated within Xcode and downloads and installs packages without requiring an extra layer of configuration like Cocoapods.

Developers might consider using SPM for one of the following reasons:

  1. Streamlining your dependency management without relying on 3rd party solutions like CocoaPods.
  2. Avoid installing SDK packages manually because of the conflicts between CocoaPods and some of the 3rd party libraries you are using.

How to Integrate SPM

Integrating Swift Package Manager is quick, easy, and hassle-free.

In Xcode, you can install the packages called “Packages Dependencies” where you can add a package by entering its repository URL and a specific version, branch, or commit. Xcode then downloads and installs by itself, and the packages are now part of your project.

It also automatically adds the library(ies) in the “Build Phases” part of the target(s) that use the packages.

The packages can also be used in a project remotely or locally (potentially during the development phase).

In-App Data Capture with CaptureSDK

Socket Mobile's CaptureSDK gives app providers reliable and consistent data capture performance. It enables their apps to efficiently capture data in the physical world and utilize it in-app to maximize the productivity of their solutions and increase overall customer productivity. CaptureSDK has been integrated into thousands of applications across a variety of industries, helping create easy-to-use software tools for optimal performance and efficiency. Now, with the addition of Swift Package Manager, Socket's CaptureSDK delivers a new level of control and adaptability for app developers.

Find the SPM packaged CaptureSDK here.