SocketCam: Data Capture for Deliveries Made Easy

December 5, 2022 by Macie Blakeman | BLOG


Delivery services are increasing in popularity with consumers having instant access to a wide range of goods through online applications, some even offering same-day delivery right to their doorstep. Whether an order is placed for groceries, gifts, furniture, meals, or everyday essentials, customers are taking advantage of shopping without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

As industry competition increases, so does the demand for innovative and approachable software that makes scanning, tracking, and delivering items easier for everyone involved. Developers working on delivery applications—from internal software for pure warehouse handling to full-service end-to-end delivery tracking—are in high demand. A surefire way to put a development company on the map is to “build a better mousetrap”.

Socket Mobile provides a solid foundation for your delivery and logistics software. We provide a zero-cost stable base for proof-of-concept and early deployment. We support unlimited growth to high-volume systems that integrate not just 1D and 2D barcode technology but radio-frequency identification (RFID) and Near-Field Communication (NFC) as well.

Our CaptureSDK Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK) is designed to get your data capture solution up and running as quickly as possible and without onerous licensing fees. Integrated into the CaptureSDK is the SocketCam C820 Opens Worldwide Website (AUEMEAUK), a free barcode scanner that uses the camera in the end users' smartphones and tablets. Just fire up any CaptureSDK-enabled app, select the SocketCam C820 as the capture device, and users can immediately begin scanning barcodes using the camera on their device.

And our camera-based scanning software doesn’t stop at the basic C820. We also offer a more advanced, subscription-based version that offers features such as quicker scanning, scanning in low-light conditions, and even scanning broken or damaged barcodes. Both users and developers can test their scanning needs with the free C820, and if they find they need more scanning capabilities, upgrading to the C860 or any of Socket Mobile's physical readers is quick and seamless.

Scanning, Tracking, and Tracing Deliveries for Any Industry

Imagine a florist looking to keep track of their deliveries. Barcoded arrangements can be scanned and tracked as they're assembled in-store for stock-keeping purposes, then scanned again as they're handed to the driver for delivery. When the driver hands the flowers to their lucky recipient, the barcode is scanned again to confirm safe arrival. All of this can be accomplished using SocketCam camera-based scanning.

A CaptureSDK-enabled application with SocketCam can provide the same end-to-end tracking and confirmation at every point of the delivery process for a nationwide appliance outlet, a household goods store, gift chain, food delivery service, or anything else your users could possibly want to track. Scanning is quick and easy, requires no dedicated hardware, and using it with your CaptureSDK-enabled application provides a faster and less error-prone experience than manual tracking using a clipboard and pen.

There's a world of opportunity beyond the stores themselves. Recent years have seen strong growth in the services sector. Companies offering laundry collection or other household services, or those offering last-mile delivery as a service, require fast and accurate tracking (sometimes in both directions) and the need to track deliveries for multiple clients at once. A unified CaptureSDK-enabled application can offer all of this without the need to switch between apps or learn multiple user interfaces while trying to hit ever-tighter delivery schedules.

CaptureSDK Provides Room for Growth

For the developer, the benefits of CaptureSDK and the SocketCam C820 smartphone-based scanner are obvious. Because C820 is available to integrate free of charge, you can get started at zero cost. In fact, you can build a fully functional app and distribute it to users without anyone so much as looking at a physical scanner. If your take on the concept proves to be the "better mousetrap" for which the industry is clamoring, you now have room for growth. Users can upgrade to the subscription-based C860 version of SocketCam if they find their scanning needs have changed or increased, without you having to touch the code.

CaptureSDK-enabled applications also fully support our entire range of hardware-based scanners. With it, you can give your users an easy route to faster or higher-volume barcode scanning, low-light capabilities, or RFID and NFC-based tagging and tracking without having to re-architect your application. If your users increase scanning volume and find that a dedicated hardware scanner becomes necessary, they can effortlessly upgrade to any of our hardware scanning solutions, as all are fully compatible with CaptureSDK.

Integrating CaptureSDK and the SocketCam C820 into existing data capture and delivery tracking solutions can bring about great benefits. It offers a unified experience and makes the best use of mobile devices that staff already carry. It also provides a route for expansion into high-volume scanning with no developmental overhead. With a free integration, it's also easy to experiment. We're confident your users will like what they see once you add CaptureSDK capabilities to your software.

Integrate CaptureSDK Opens Worldwide Website (AUEMEAUK) now and try it out. We're certain you'll be impressed and look forward to seeing your take on the "better mousetrap" the delivery industry is demanding so loudly.