SocketCam C820 Added to Android CaptureSDK

November 9, 2022 by Long Pan | DEV COMMUNITY UPDATES

c820 android capture


The wait is over. SocketCam C820 Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK), the free camera-based scanning solution, is officially included with the latest update of the CaptureSDK for Android, CaptureSDK Java V1.6.

With SocketCam C820, your customers now have the option to use the camera on their mobile devices to read 1D/2D barcodes. You are also able to test your implementation without relying on any physical barcode readers.

Once SocketCam is integrated as a scanner in your app, you can switch to a physical scanner or reader with minimal or no code change depending on the type of device chosen. If you have already integrated CaptureSDK, all you need to do is to enable the SocketCam extension and add a trigger button in your app.

This version also supports our new lower-cost 2D barcode readers (SocketScan S720 Opens Worldwide Website (AUEMEAUK), SocketScan S820 Opens Worldwide Website (AUEMEAUK), DuraScan D720 (coming soon), DuraScan D820 Opens Worldwide Website (AUEMEAUK), and DuraSled DS820 Opens Worldwide Website (AUEMEAUK)) with no code change required in your app.

In addition to SocketCam C820, we have changed the URL of the public repository for hosting the SDK packages. Instead of using the snapshots (which are reserved now for our Beta releases), you should now point to the releases folder of the repo for your production:

repositories {


maven {

url ""



You can find the latest version here Opens New Window.

For both the new SDK URLs and the SocketCam feature, you can refer to the latest sample app here Opens New Window.

As always, it is critical for us to hear your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts here Opens Worldwide Website (AUEMEAUK) or through the developer support email.

Happy coding,
Socket Mobile SDK Team