Android Developers: Critical Updates to the Socket Mobile Companion App and CaptureSDK

November 21, 2023 by Long Pan | DEV COMMUNITY UPDATES

Android Developer Update

Dear Developers,

We are reaching out to provide crucial information regarding the Socket Mobile Companion app V3.2.2 for Android, scheduled for release by 12/12/2023, as well as critical updates to the CaptureSDK for your Android apps.

As part of the evolving Android ecosystem, there have been significant modifications to the way apps manage services. These changes have particularly focused on the necessity for apps to request and justify the FOREGROUND_SERVICE permission to initiate foreground services. Now, the Socket Mobile Companion app will be updated to target Android 12 (and later versions) to adhere to these requirements. 

This change comes with significant implications for third-party CaptureSDK enabled apps. With this new Companion version, your users will need to launch it at least once to grant Bluetooth permission and notification permission before it can function properly. In addition, CaptureSDK enabled apps that continue running on the current CaptureSDK (v 1.6.15 or older) will be unable to start the Companion Service through the CaptureSDK, potentially causing interruptions for end users.

The new Companion version is equipped with a feature to mitigate this issue: it can detect when a third-party CaptureSDK enabled app running on an older SDK fails to start the service and will send out a notification prompting end users to launch the Companion app (which will consequently start the service).

However, notifications can be missed or ignored, so this is not a guaranteed way to address the issue. To avoid disruptions, we strongly advise all Android developers to consider an immediate update to CaptureSDK version 1.7.30 or higher. This is crucial to ensure seamless compatibility between your CaptureSDK enabled apps and the latest Socket Mobile Companion app, particularly on Android 12 and later versions.

The update to SDK version 1.7.30 (or higher) is designed to align with the new foreground service permission requirements imposed by Android. This will enable a smooth and uninterrupted experience for end users who utilize your applications in conjunction with the Socket Mobile Companion app. We understand the significance of these changes and the impact they may have on your application's functionality. Therefore, we strongly encourage taking prompt action to update to the recommended SDK version to ensure the continued reliability and performance of your apps.

Socket Mobile Companion V3.2.2 is scheduled to be released by 12/12/2023.

We appreciate your attention to this matter and your commitment to providing exceptional user experiences. Should you have any questions or need assistance during the transition, our support team is readily available to assist you. Please send your comments here Opens Worldwide Website (AU, EMEA, UK) or through the developer support email at

Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to delivering high-quality applications.

Best Regards,

Socket Mobile SDK Team