Socket Mobile Announces SocketScan S370, Universal NFC & QR Code Mobile Wallet Reader

June 14, 2022 by Socket Mobile | PRESS RELEASES

Newark, Calif., June 14th, 2022 — Socket Mobile, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCKT), a leading provider of data capture and delivery solutions designed to enhance workplace productivity, is excited to announce the launch of their mobile wallet reader, SocketScan S370.   

The SocketScan S370 is a data capture platform that supports 1D and 2D barcode scanning as well as NFC Reading and Writing. It combines the latest 13.56 MHz Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless technology with barcode scanning and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity. Designed to enable Socket Mobile’s App partners to facilitate e-wallet applications via on-screen barcode scanning or tap-and-go NFC reading, the new S370 combines leading-edge technologies that deliver an effortless data capture experience for business owners and consumers.   

Socket Mobile is continually innovating to provide data capture solutions that meet or anticipate evolving market needs. Currently, many mobile credentials are QR code-based, while others are NFC-based. The SocketScan S370 provides the ability to read both, giving application partners the flexibility to accept multiple formats with just one device and CaptureSDK. This gives their many application end users the ability to accept several forms of credentials without cluttering their retail space. In addition, consumers only have to look for one device, which ultimately simplifies and enhances the user experience. 

The S370 was created with the new age of digital IDs and Mobile Driver’s Licenses (mDLs) in mind. Many states and countries have already begun to roll out systems for mDL usage, and Socket Mobile is helping industries such as retail, commercial services, and government move into this new digital ID ecosystem. Ready to read mDL’s out of the box, the S370 can read credentials following ISO18013-5, the standard being adopted in many jurisdictions.  

“Socket Mobile is committed to providing innovative data capture solutions that evolve with the ever-changing needs of our users. The foundation of our business was built upon capturing data from physical products. The new world of data capture is evolving toward digital IDs and consumer credentials. Covid had a real effect in accelerating market adoption and shifting consumer behavior. What started with a visual inspection of pen and paper cards, evolved to electronically reading secure mobile wallet passes. The world is much more comfortable with using QR codes and NFC mobile wallets. The launch of the SocketScan S370 is a revolutionary step for Socket Mobile and for our app partners, allowing them to offer services that require digital ID authentication or verification regardless of the technology type the credential is based on.” said Dave Holmes, Chief Business Officer at Socket Mobile. 

Having both QR Code and NFC reading capabilities significantly improves the user experience and allows retail app providers to choose which type of services they wish to support. The S370 can be utilized to scan any form of digital ID to meet entry requirements, store requirements, or industry regulations by simply hovering or tapping a smart device. Apps using the S370 can instantly gather needed information on a consumer’s mobile device to verify age, membership, loyalty, and other customer-related services to make real-time decisions in offering goods and services. Beyond reading multiple technologies, the S370 also incorporates many other cutting-edge innovations like visual and audio feedback options and a long battery life for completely wireless environments. Developer access to S370 is through CaptureSDK, which gives app providers the ability to offer any of Socket Mobile’s data capture devices (barcode scanners or NFC reader/writers) interchangeably and give their end users the freedom to choose the right device for each customer’s requirements.  If your app already uses CaptureSDK, S370 can be utilized immediately.  

Socket Mobile is sampling key app partners in July. General availability through distribution partners and on will begin in August 2022, with an MSRP of $369.