DuraScan New Colors

November 22, 2016 by Socket Mobile | PRODUCT TECH UPDATES

DuraScan® 700 Series Colors

durascan-groupSocket Mobile Showcases New Utility Colors for a Constructive New Year - Orange and Green DuraScan

Socket Mobile has been a pioneer when it comes to introducing the world to barcode scanners of a different color. Grey and black are old reliables, but they’ve been done before. Socket Mobile strives to stand out from the crowd. In keeping up with our reputation, Socket Mobile has done it again; picking more colors from the rainbow!

It is DuraScan's durability that inspired the use of utility colors.
Using Construction Orange and Safety Green, these DuraScan colors represent the heavy duty workforce because these barcode scanners are intended to be as strong as the demanding industries that use them: healthcare, logistic, automotive, government, etc.

DuraScan, our rough and tough, long lasting, ergonomically comfortable, and eye-appealing barcode scanner just became even more striking with the addition of a green and orange vibrance next to its original Utility Gray.

With so much to offer, what more could you ask for?