Near Field Technology at the 2016 IoT Tech Expo of North America

October 24, 2016 by Socket Mobile | BLOG

The IoT Tech Expo of North America gives businesses the opportunity to showcase their technological advances that are transforming our current trends. It is not just exhibiting the Internet of Things, it is exhibiting the alterations in our future way of technological living.

Socket Mobile, SpringCard and ThinFilm held a session at the IoT Tech Expo North America 2016, in the Santa Clara Convention Center. Our 30-minute session demonstrated how simple NFC Technology can be integrated into IoT applications while adding new experiences to an IoT-rich world.

Vince Coli (Socket Mobile) demonstrated how programmable controls in our NFC readers make for an easy app integration by Developers in the virtual world that facilitate new experiences using NFC and BLE Beacons in the real world. Practical demonstrations of Socket Mobile’s TouchPoint system were relatable in point of sale environments that bring richer, personal shopping experiences with the product and staff inside a store. Examples included loyalty programs, personalized shopping experiences, ordering ahead, and even accessory reminders to complement a previous purchase. The shopping experience can be enhanced further by using an NFC SmartCard, a SmartPhone, or a Smart Wearable (watch, bracelet, ring, glove, shirt sleeve, finger nail, tattoo, etc.).

Daphnee Lucenet (SpringCard) presented an overview of Near Field Technology, describing how it works, and why it will be key technology in a massively-connected and fast-evolving world. The audience benefited greatly from her introduction, especially those who were new to NFC technology.

Lewis Farrell (Thin Film) described several user cases currently deployed with their printable “green” NFC tags. In ordinary objects, like beverage bottles, these tags can become data-rich, human-connectable objects that enhance internet experiences.

Our session at the IoT Innovations track was well-received. Some comments we received were, “It’s a complete working system.” And, “…makes an otherwise complex technology easy to use.” Overall, we are quite pleased with the feedback.

The 2016 Iot Tech Expo of North America enriched its visitors with a wealth of knowledge from all of the sessions and presenters. Socket Mobile, SpringCard, and ThinFilm were honored to play a part in the 2016 exposition, and hope that we added to this informative exposition, as well.