iPadOS 16.6: Scanner Reconnect Issue Fixed

August 3, 2023 by Long Pan | DEV COMMUNITY UPDATES


The scanner reconnection issue that we previously reported has been addressed by Apple in iPadOS 16.6.

On June 22, we informed developers about our own fix for the scanner reconnection issue, which was introduced by iPadOS 16.5. However, we received reports that the fix did not work for everyone. We are pleased to announce that the issue has now been resolved by Apple in iPadOS 16.6. If you have updated your iPad to iPadOS 16.6, you should no longer experience any problems with scanner reconnection. Our initial solution will also be kept in place due to its more streamlined method of closing the accessory connection, which only improves the user experience.

Additional Information:

  • The scanner reconnection issue was caused by a bug in the iPadOS operating system.
  • The bug prevented the scanner from reconnecting after it was disconnected.
  • The issue was resolved in iPadOS 16.6.
  • The issue only occurred on iPadOS, and most likely when multiple Capture-enabled apps and/or other apps using the iOS External Accessory Framework API were involved.
  • Capture-enabled apps are apps that can scan documents, such as Notes, Files, and Preview.
  • If you are still experiencing problems with your scanner after updating to iPadOS 16.6, please contact Apple support.

We are grateful to Apple for resolving this issue. We believe that this fix will improve the overall user experience for developers who use scanners with their iPads.

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