How to Develop a React Native App with Integrated Data Capture Functionality

May 11, 2022 by Socket Mobile | WEBINARS
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Walk through the ins and outs of application development using React Native and data capture integration with Socket Mobile Software Engineer Matthew Croak. React Native, developed by Facebook, is an open-source developer toolkit used for creating native, cross-platform, desktop, and web applications. Since its official launch in 2018, developers have continued to use the React Native framework to build cross-platform Android and iOS apps using a single codebase.

Socket Mobile includes support for React Native in their CaptureSDK developer tool kit. Integrated into thousands of applications, CaptureSDK provides easy-to-use software tools for optimal data capture performance and efficiency. React Native is just one of the many developer tools that allow Socket's CaptureSDK to deliver a new level of control and adaptability for application developers.

Matthew will dive into an interactive walkthrough demonstrating app creation using React Native, CaptureSDK, and data capture integration.

An Overview of What Will be Covered in the Webinar:

  • App registration through Socket Mobile developer portal
  • Updating info.plist and android manifest as per the Readme.
  • Creating our App.js file and sample app using create React Native app
  • Importing react-native-capture from
  • Utilizing react hooks for lifecycle events (opening capture, updating device list, etc.)
  • Opening the capture client using registration credentials
  • Managing capture events (onCaptureEvent)
  • Connecting a data capture device with Socket's Companion App
  • Create a capture instance for connected device
  • Addressing capture event for device arrival and removal
  • How to get a property and set a property once device is connected

Speaker Bio:

Matthew Croak

A Brooklyn-based Flatiron School-alum, Matthew Croak is a post-production assistant turned software engineer. Currently, he is an SDK Engineer at Socket Mobile, where he is working on a software development kit that developers utilize to incorporate barcode or NFC chip readers into their applications. Previously, Matt was a Software Engineer at Analytic Partners, a marketing analytics firm where he developed a SaaS platform to help companies strategically optimize their marketing channels' investment campaigns. With a passion for sharing his experiences and expertise, Matthew is dedicated to writing for his continued personal growth as well as both veteran developers and those on the rise to help them solidify their abstract knowledge making it more palatable.