Contactless Reader/Writer VS Barcode Scanner

August 7, 2017 by Socket Mobile | PRODUCT TECH UPDATES

RFID scanners and barcode scanners are two very different beasts. Though they both were created with the intention of simplifying both the scanning and reading process, and though they may look similar, their technology is completely different.

Socket Mobile scanners have achieved an eloquent and near-perfect design that is hard to beat. Our RFID reader benefit by maintaining many of our scanners’ features.

RFID Reader

Socket Mobile strives to have the RFID readers stand out above the rest, just as our barcode scanners stand out in a crowd. Many facets of the D600’s design are desirable features that are not commonly found with other RFID readers.

(Learn more about RFID tags in How are RFID Tags and NFC Used.)

D600 & D700 Similarities  D600 RFID Reader's Special Features Differences
Contactless Reader
Barcode Scanner
 Same user-experience (controls, UI, performance). Forward-facing RFID reader with a trigger button (uncommon in RFID readers) D600 - RFID Reader/WriterD700 Series - barcode scanner
 Accessories - DuraScan design ID, accessory suite (stand, cradle, lanyard) and services (SDK, SocketCare) Fast and reliable reading (suitable for ticketing applications) NFC (Near Field Communication)Scanning solutions
 Mobile Mode w/trigger button and Stand Mode w/Presentation "auto" ModeAble to read all typical standards and with full support for features Reads RFID tags with radio waves Reads barcodes with imager
 IP54 ratingRFID and NFC expertise is not required  Color: Black Colors: grey, orange, green
 User Interface - LED (color & rate), tones, vibration, buttons programmatically configured by developerDeveloper: One SDK with same APIs. Minimum software changes to support both modes (barcode scanning and NFC/RFID)  BLE "Application" mode with v4.2 connection (easy to pair, Class 1 range, privacy & security) Bluetooth: 2.1 connection
 Ergonomic - comfortable and balanced in hand with a well-placed trigger button Just about every UI *button, LED, sound, vibration), health (battery level, battery age, firmware, read count, button presses), data read from the RFID and data interpretation is programmatically controllableProgrammatic everything  
 Basic HID (keyboard emulation) Mode - custom application is not required Programmatically control UI to read badges, app identifies the person, and then notifies the operator  
Full support for Android 4-7 and iOS 10 Coulomb counter gives accurate battery reporting   
Antimicrobial material    
Capture SDK compatible