Accelerate Audits and Inspections with SocketCam

September 14, 2022 by Macie Blakeman | BLOG DEV COMMUNITY UPDATES


Auditing and inspection for safety, security, access control, compliance, or service usage monitoring, among others, is a vital task but can also cause excessive strain on staff. Whether it's wanting to do away with the human limitations of peering at serial number stickers in poor lighting or reducing the sheer volume of paperwork involved, there's growing interest in mobile data capture for its ability to streamline processes across a range of commercial environments.

Application developers are already looking to capitalize on this interest, and Socket Mobile's SocketCam barcode scanner provides a ready-made solution. SocketCam is a barcode scanner that utilizes the camera in the smartphones or tablets carried daily by inspectors in the field. As a software-based data capture solution, SocketCam addresses end users' needs with no onerous licensing conditions or additional up-front purchase requirements.

With one integration of Socket Mobile's CaptureSDK into your app, end-users enjoy SocketCam C820 free of charge. As users find their data capture needs increase over time, they can easily upgrade to a more enhanced version of SocketCam on a subscription basis or switch to one of our lightweight, cordless hardware scanners--all without having to change or update your application.

SocketCam in the Field

For building inspections and compliance auditing, a SocketCam-enabled mobile app can dramatically speed up recording the presence and validity of safety devices (such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers) without carrying additional bulky and expensive hardware. With SocketCam, capturing the required data during an inspection is as easy as taking a picture of a barcode with the mobile device.

If you already have a mobile capture workflow, whether a web app or something as simple as a spreadsheet, SM Keyboard with SocketCam can integrate barcode scanning without modification. This serves as a convenient and quick way to try out the benefits of camera-based mobile data capture.

When it comes to building security and audits, staff members equipped with a SocketCam-enabled mobile application on their smartphone can quickly validate their presence at physical locations without needing to put pen to paper. A rapid scan of a unique barcode posted at each point provides evidence of patrol locations and times without slowing or distracting the patrol as they continue to keep a watchful eye on their surroundings.

Even tasks like meter monitoring (to validate service usage for billing purposes or track-and-trace for supply chain monitoring) can be accelerated with SocketCam using only the mobile devices already carried by end-users. And with the growing number of SocketCam-compatible applications across a range of commercial environments, more users are streamlining their data capture processes and reducing collection error rates—and you can too by downloading CaptureSDK today.

For more information on SocketCam and the free SocketCam C820 mobile barcode scanning system included in CaptureSDK, see our dedicated product page - and try it yourself today, with no obligation.