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Educational Resources for Optimizing Your Data Capture Solution

Tools, resources, and general knowledge you need to make educated decisions through every step of your data capture journey. Whether you are a product user looking to find how your business can benefit from data capture, or a project manager or developer needing to find the best solutions for your app, the Knowledge Center provides you with tools and information, so you can make the best data capture decisions for your needs.

Product Comparisons

The barcode scanners or NFC reader/writers most suitable for your business needs may differ from your application provider's recommendation. Businesses that operate in harsher environments may find our durable D700 a better choice over the standard S700. Or, if you require more mobility or want to attach the scanner to your belt or a phone, our S800 or DS800 would be better options. Since our CaptureSDK supports all our data readers, we've taken much of the risk out of the selection process. The tools and information below will take you the rest of the way.


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Info & Help

Tools and support that enable you to get the most out of your data capture solutions. Explore FAQs, industry-specific case studies, how-to-videos, and find product manuals and other downloads that answer any questions you may have through each step of your data capture journey.